Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Norwich Castle Museum

Arms of Norwich City
One bleak, wintry day last week, in the lull between New Year and Epiphany, Nick and I made the pilgrimage to see the Norwich Castle Museum.

The Norman keep floats over the city, close and massive, an impenetrable Caen-stone cube, always in sight, but, until that day, unvisited. Ah, what treasures it holds!

Here is a small handful of the gems stored within. We must return again soon - we only had time to investigate about half of the galleries there…

Lustrous locks, medieval stained glass

Medieval heraldic lion

Stained glass roundel, February (pruning), medieval

Stained glass roundel, December/ January (feasting), medieval

Stained glass roundel, April (sheltering from rain), medieval

Stained glass roundel, September (grape harvest), medieval

Medieval ceremonial drinking cup

Ana Maria Pacheco, alabaster panel

Ana Maria Pacheco, alabaster panel

Ana Maria Pacheco, alabaster panel

Neo-classical marble bottoms

Roman brooch, showing Pan or faun/ satyr

Lowestoft porcelain


Staffordshire cat

Dutch genevers bottle

Salt-glaze Bellarmine or Bartmann jug 

A Trifle FROM CROMER, pill or snuff box

Delftware plate, showing a mermaid

Sea creatures, anemones in glass


  1. WOW! Amazing stuff! Thanks for the tour!

  2. Thank you for saying so smartcat!

  3. Indeed, thanks for the tour which I failed to take myself on my only visit to Norwich. I'm particularly taken with the Pacheco alabaster panels.

    1. Thanks so much Harry. Yes, the Pacheco panels are exquisite and there are/ were more than I managed to photograph!