Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A Look Ahead

January and a chance to look ahead at the unfurling year and what I hope to try and to achieve within it.

As always I plan to be in a number of group exhibitions this year as any other, but I have taken the decision to limit myself to just the one solo exhibition for 2016 - AMUSE BOUCHE at the Town House, Spitalfields in October (see you there!) - in order to give myself the space and time to develop my ideas and explore other avenues of expression without undue pressure.

More limited edition screen prints for sure, but hopefully other forms of print too - linocut, etching, fabric, letterpress, etc. As well as that I hope to pick up my paint brushes again after a few years' absence, and to continue developing my delft tile production - this small cottage I'm sat in now is crying out for tiled walls in the kitchen, hearth, staircase, bathroom…

Many other exciting projects and collaborations along the way, self-initiated and commissioned alike.

My main objective this year is to renew my love and vigour for what I do, and to embrace a playfulness in my approach, to welcome flaws, marks, the scratchy, the undefined, the incomplete, happy accidents. A challenge for me perhaps, but a fun one!

Above is a chart (blurred for discretion) of all the ideas currently buzzing around my cranium, laid out before me to survey - to assess what needs to be prioritised, and what might be shelved or postponed. It is immediately apparent that there is more than I could ever possibly get done in three or four years flat out, let alone in one! Still, it is useful to see it all there in front of me - a gentle reminder when unsure what to tackle next and an edifying note-to-self not to take on too much.

Here's to a great, creative and prosperous 2016! Bon Voyage!


  1. love the chart and the plans for this coming year, wish you all the luck!

  2. Thank you so much Joke. It's far more than I could ever manage, but its nice to have this stuff out of my head and on the wall!