Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Magpies - Proofing & Printing

A lovely darting dash down yesterday for a day of colour proofing and printing with the amazing Suki Hayes-Watkins at the Print Block in Whitstable, before legging it back to East Anglia via Spitalfields in the afternoon. Exhausting but very, very rewarding. http://www.theprintblock.com

A detail of the final print

This new limited edition screen print is for an Exhibition, 'Nature is a Language' - work inspired by myth and the natural world, at The Gallery Norfolk, opening this coming week-end in Norwich. http://www.thegallerynorfolk.co.uk

Honing the colour palette
The selected hues

The second screen with the final two (of four) colour separations 

The first three colours, and a fourth, the green,
created by overlaying yellow on the blue

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