Friday, 18 March 2016

Norwich Pubs

A new limited edition screen print, designed especially for Norwich-based print collective Print To The People's Year in Print scheme. 

'Norwich Pubs' is a celebration of the public houses, inns, taverns, alehouses, tap-rooms, watering-holes & shabeens of old Norwich city, a town that once famously had a church for each week of the year and a pub for each day! Some are still very much in existence, others lost in the mists of Time, remembered only (if at all) by plaques in the pavement or by the names of Streets (Golden Dog Alley, Flower Pot Yard, Lobster Lane, Queen of Hungary Yard, etc., etc..)


  1. Love the wild boar's head. It reminds me the Hog's Head Inn in the all wizarding village of Hogsmeade.

  2. Gracias Rubén. Yes, it's a very, very old pub name, not one you see so much anymore in the muggle world!